What Makes Kim Dao Popular

We live in a digital age. We live in a world where most of our interaction is with a screen. Over the years, one particular aspect of the digital world that has become a huge part of our lives is YouTube. It has become such an integral part of our lives that we have not taken a breath to realize how much of an influence it has. You can literally find any type of content on YouTube and since people have different likes and dislikes, there is an opportunity for anything to flourish. Over the past decade, we have seen the rise of YouTubers. The people who create content for the website and for us to enjoy. Today, there are thousands of these people who have forged a career for themselves through content creation. One such personality is Kim Dao. She has been a YouTuber and a vlogger as the kids call it these days for around six years. She has managed to develop a large and loyal fanbase for herself through her entertaining and informative videos. Her main areas of interest are makeup, traveling, and fashion. YouTube has given everyone the freedom to become popular but it does not happen to all. There are reasons why someone becomes popular. It is the same for Kim Dao as well. So, here are a couple of reasons that make her as popular as she is.



A common for people to become famous on YouTube is by being over the top. This seems to attract a crowd. But Kim Dao’s methods are a little different. Her personality is friendly but not loud. This makes her become instantly likable. She seems like someone we know and that’s what makes her videos entertaining as well as endearing. Even if you are not familiar with what she is referring to, Ms. Dao’s personality makes one want to watch the video.


As with a lot of movies today, many YouTubers prefer to have a chaotic feel to their videos with a lot of quick cuts. Ms. Dao’s way of presenting her videos has that laidback feel to it. This allows the viewer to take in the video and not be overwhelmed by what they see on screen. This coupled with her friendly nature makes it so much easier to watch her videos and just enjoy them. The way her videos makes it easier for a viewer to become a subscriber.

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