4 Colorful Flowering Plants That You Can Grow In Your House Garden

Flowers are wonderful creations that have various great uses. They brighten up our mood and also help reduce our stress when we feel bogged down by work. Having a few flowering plants in our house garden can be hugely beneficial for us. We will get a fresh set of flowers to place in our vase every day. The sweet fragrance of the flowers will do us a lot of good and help us remain healthy for a long time. Let us now take a look at 4 colorful flowering plants that we can grow in our house garden.

African Violet:

African Violet is a flower that blooms throughout the year. The flowers bloom daily in the morning, making them the perfect choice for the vase at our work desk. The violet colored flowers also have a pleasant fragrance that helps calm our mind at work. These plants tend to like the sun, so if you keep it indoors, be sure to keep them on a windowsill or near a window. This will allow them to soak up all the sunlight that they need and grow healthily.


Jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers that exist in the World. Their fragrance has an intoxicating property that lightens our head and relaxes us. This helps reduce our stress and anxiety. The Jasmine usually blooms every evening throughout the year. It makes for a very pretty sight to hang the jasmine pot by a window.


The Begonia is a brightly colored flowering plant that blooms throughout the year. They come in several different colors, but the bright red ones are the most majestic of them all. The Begonia loves the cold so they prevail well in temperate climate. Begonias can make a pretty sight in any office setting or at a study. The Brightly colored flowers can be made into beautiful bouquets to adorn the vase in our desks.

Kaffir Lily:

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The Kaffir Lily produces sensational orange colored flowers that bloom throughout the year. They make for a great sight in the hallway or near any window. The brightly colored flowers can be cut daily and placed in a vase to make a pretty sight. The fragrance of these lilies is also very pleasant and has a calming effect on us. Hence, it is a prudent decision to have a few of these at our work desk so as to remain calm and composed when making important work-related decisions.

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