3 Essential Accessories For Wedding Photography

The life of a Wedding Photographer can be hard. If you’re not shooting at a Wedding, you are more likely to be editing photos or travelling around. There is little chance to rest yourself and that aching body of yours. However, there are a few accessories that can make your job a bit easier. Nowadays, a lot of unique gadgets and accessories have come up specifically to make the lives of Wedding photographers easy. Let us now take a look at the 3 most essential ones that will make things much easier for you.

Travel Ladder:

How many times have you tried climbing up on balconies or difficult to reach ledges in order to be able to capture that perfect shot of the couple kissing? More often than not, it will be extremely hard to find an elevated location to climb up to at wedding venues. This is where the portable travel ladder can come in extremely handy. This is lightweight and can be easily carried/rolled around the venue. A simple lock on the wheels and you can be ready to tower above the rest of the crowd to capture the best moments from the wedding.

Memory Card Wallet:

They are tiny yet they are probably the most important things that you will need at a Wedding, apart from your camera, of course. These tiny digital memory chips are prone to get lost. Moreover, all of them look almost the same that it becomes very easy to get confused about which ones are used and which ones aren’t. To solve all these problems and help you carry all your memory cards in a single placed and organized as per your preference, you must start using a memory card wallet. These little beauties cost less than $20 but can be a true lifesaver!


Weddings are no place to be using a flash. It is a holy ceremony and you might find yourself getting thrown out if you keep clicking pictures with the flash on. Hence, you must be able to make the best use of the natural lighting at the venue. This might not be at the right angles and you really can’t ask the venue manager to drape curtains over windows. That’s where a set of reflectors come in handy. These can be used to focus the natural light onto the important areas and also deflect unwanted excess light. Be sure to visit the venue before the ceremony and plan your reflector placements.

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